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Primary School (Primary 2 – Primary 6)

Primary School (Primary 2 – Primary 6)

Primary School (Primary 2 – Primary 6)

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Pr.2 – Pr.6 (Creative Composition, Comprehension and Oral Test Enrichment Course)

Strengthen composition and comprehension skills, strategic techniques are enforced  to handle questions in oral test etc.

Maximum students per class is always remained as 7-8 students, so that the teacher will pay more attention to all the students equally and to pick up their strengths and weaknesses. Our teaching pedagogy and teaching materials are effective for small group students. From the past years, we see about 90% of our students show improvement after 6 months.

12 lessons/term, 5 lessons (Creative Composition), 5 lessons (Comprehension), 2 lessons (Oral Test). Pls call us for class schedule as some classes are FULL or ALMOST FULL.

Refer to attached PDF for samples of our Composition and Comprehension lessons. The lessons are written in strict accordance of MOE syllabus.

P3 - P5  Creative Writing Course

This is a course specially designed for students who want to further enhance their creative writing skills. Various techniques to compose an essay will be taught throughout this course. Students will neither be spoon-fed nor asked to memorise the whole essay, in fact, they will be actively acquiring the skills to master in creative writing.  Students will also learn how to apply good phrases and idioms or proverbs during the course.

P3-P4 students will be trained to write pictorial essay only.

P5 students will be trained to write pictorial essay and titled essay.

12 lessons/term, 2 hours/lesson, max students per class: 6-8 students

Pr.5 and Pr.6  Advanced Level (小五、小六精英班)

This is an advanced course for P5 and P6 students who have a strong will to achieve higher standard in their Chinese.  During the course, they are asked to accomplished more tasks compared to our regular classes.  In every lesson, they have to write 1 composition or 1 oral test, 2 comprehensions passages, other grammar practices etc.

12 lessons/term, only 2 classes will be conducted, each class will have max. 6 students only.

Call us now to book for a seat.

Pr.3 – Pr.6 (Oral Test Enrichment Course)

Demanded by some of our existing parents to set up this course to strengthen their kids' oral and communication skills in order to prepare them for school's oral test.

Since 2010, Oral Test for PSLE has changed from 25% to 35%. Most schools have adopted the changes, has been setting the oral test weightage in the range of 35% to 45%.

Since this course has established, all the students have improved tremendously in their oral skills.

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