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Secondary School

Secondary School

Secondary School

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Sec.1 - Sec.4

Creative Composition, Comprehension and Oral Test  Enrichment Course

Master skills of writing different types of essay, formal and informal correspondences , strengthen comprehension and oral test skills etc.  The teaching materials are written with strict accordance to the updated MOE syllabus.  For the past O'level results, 80% of our students are able to score A1/A2.

12 lessons/term, 5 lessons creative writing, 5 lesson comprehension, 2 lessons oral test skills. Pls call us for class schedule, as some classes are FULL or ALMOST FULL.

Testimonials from Mother of 陈欣怡 (Sec.4)

"欣怡is exempted from November O'level exam as she has obtained A1 in her Chinese in May exam. I am really thankful to the center especially to 龚老师. She has been in this tuition center since 3 years ago and has been with this teacher since then.“

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