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Zhou's Academic Studio – The place to nurture young talents to embrace Chinese Language and academically.

Welcome to Zhou's Academic Studio

In the past years, almost 90% of our students have obtained distinctions (A/A *) in PSLE Chinese. We also observe that almost 90% of our students improve in 3 to 6 months time after attending Chinese courses here。Therefore, we are highly recommended by our parents through words of mouth.

Our classes are purposely kept small in size for more focused and personalized teaching. Our curriculum and teaching approach is developed in strict accordance to the Singapore Ministry of Education's curriculum.

Our emphasis on teacher-student interactions during classes enhances our students' learning experiences. While we seek to raise our students' level of comprehension and writing skils, we also strive to cultivate them to become well-rounded students with good character.

For more than a decade, we strive to cultivate a strong passion in our students for the Chinese language by improving their writing skills and comprehension ability. We actively adopt different teaching methodologies and explore new teaching concepts and models. Since the school was founded, we have already educated thousands of students from the top schools in the Chinese language. We are pround to contribute our part to raise the standards of Chinese language in Singapore.


Teaching curriculum

Teaching curriculum: are set in such a way that our students are one step ahead of their peers: every lesson is quite intensive as there are quite a number of tasks to be accomplished within 2 hours: the curriculum is scheduled to suit student's exam timetable etc.

Teaching materials

Teaching materials: in-depth study of the requirements of the syllabus set by Singapore MOE, specially written by our special research team to cater to the needs for different academics level. From the past records, 95% of our students have improved in their Grades in less than 6 months.

Teaching methodology

Teaching methodology: all the students find that learning Chinese here's FUN + ENRICHING, yet they are taught in numerous ways to sharpen the analytical skills, composition skills and to build up vocabularies etc.. so that they are able to handle the questions in exam easly.

Teacher qualities

Teacher qualities: we emphasised on teacher qualities as they are one of the most important assets in school. All of our teachers hold a renowned tertiary education degree., proficient and experienced in teaching. They are diligent, caring and nurturing and are well-liked by students and trusted by parents.