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Adult/International Student

Adult/International Student

Adult/International Student

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Chinese Made Fun and Easy!!


Level 1 - Course outlines:

  • Emphasize on listening and speaking
  • Develop oral communication skills through oral tasks
  • Literacy programme to recognize at least 550 words in 6-9 months time
  • Learning of Hanyu PinYin, characters writing and character formation
  • Introduction of China and its culture

Level 2 - Course outlines:

  • Interesting and more intensive
  • More rigorous exercises on listening and speaking
  • Students are provided with various speaking opportunities to use the language in real situations.
  • Reading texts in various formats and of graded difficulty levels to reinforce the learning of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure
  • More rigorous excercises on Hanyu PinYin as well as writing skills
  • Extensive reading materials with an international flavour is included


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