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Primary School (Primary 1)

Primary School (Primary 1)

Primary School (Primary 1)

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Pr.1 (Chinese Enrichment Course)

Building up vocabulary, strengthen HanYu PinYin, oral skills & composition writing skills etc. This course is not only preparing P1 students for their usual class requirements in Chinese, but also to prepare them for P2 and P3.

Maximum students per class will always remain as 6, as teacher can pay more attention to every student and to pick up their strengths and weaknesses. Most of our P1 student improve tremendously in 6 months time.

12 lessons/term, 5 lessons of creative writing, 5 leassons of comprehension + show and tell, 2 lessons of oral test skills. (pls call us for class schedule)

Testimonials from Parent:

Mr. Sim (Father of Syrus Sim P1)

"My son doesn't seem to improve in his previous tuition which is a very established and well-known with his fun learning programme in Singapore. So, i took up my friend's recommendation and let my son attends the classes here. I am quite thrilled to see that my son has improved quite alot within 1 semester. He loves to attend class here, although the worksheet is abit tough to him, but the teachers here are very encouraging. "

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