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PSLE Chinese Course

Some parents have came to us when they have been on edge about their children who are going to take the PSLE in 6 to 9 months time, will barely score B or A in Chinese. We can only promise them: we will try our best! Although it was quite intensive for the teachers to make the students to score from fail in P5 to A in PSLE but we never disappointed them, and we are really grateful that the parents have trusted us.

The best strategies to prepare your child for PSLE or even Secondary O’level exam or Secondary Higher Chinese, are start early, build good foundation, love to write Chinese essay, read more Chinese materials, practice and build up confidence!

For us, in Zhou’s Academic Studio, we prepare thestudents to be all well-rounded in Chinese, and love to write essay. We are not only preparing them for primary level, but we explore the opportunities to build better foundation for their secondary Chinese. Write more and learn with techniques and be more comprehend in Chinese short stories are part of our teaching pedagogies.

Far more importantly, we hope parents start your child early to learn and comprehend Chinese more vigorously as early as P4 or P5 so that will ease your load when PSLE is approaching. Given the past excellent track records for PSLE as well as past students’ results from SA1 and SA2, we are confident that our teaching pedagogies work cohesively with your child’s learning ability.

Please call us now for the PSLE Chinese Course!

Tel: 6252 8920